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Hong Kong office address

EuroEyes Hong Kong Co. Limited was incorporated in 2012 and is located at the heart of Hong Kong Island, Times Square, Causeway Bay.

EuroEyes Group was established in 1993 and is one of the leading brands in the vision correction industry that combines German ophthalmology excellence and 25 years of experience with individualised customercare.EuroEyes carries out numerouslaser and lens surgeries, such as Smile, Lasik, ICL, trifocal lens etc., for treatments of myopia, high myopia, hyperopia, anstigmatism, presbyopia and cataract surgeries. All surgeries are operated by our surgically experienced German eye surgeons.

EuroEyes Group is one of the few eye clinic group尸 with wide geographical reach with 25 clinics and consultation center in Germany, Denmark and China. EuroEyes Hangzhou Clinic is recently opened in Hangzhou and EuroEyes Beijing East Clinic will be opened soon.

We aim to promote our "EuroEyes" brand to our potential patients in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong office address

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You can also contact us online or call us via telephone:(852)21118767