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Presbyopia of famous actress Shi Ke was cured by Dr. Jørgensen: “The whole world has taken on a whole new look!”

CN Jian Kang, CN Qi Xie, CCTV 4, and Sohu introduced the company's services and it‘s celebrities customers. A celebrity like Shi Ke. Shi Ke was one of the "Five Golden Flowers of the 85th Chinese Opera" in the 1980s and 1990s.

The well-known actor appeared in movies like "The Scarlet Sun", "Iron Pear" and "Red Lady". Her acting skills are impeccable, especially in "Brave Heart".

However lately the actress suffered from presbyopia which made her feel distressed.

Over time, she slowly found that her eyesight could not keep up. Although her vision was not too bad, it still affected her work and life. But Shi Ke doesn't wear glasses on the screen. So she has to bear presbyopia every day.

In addition to filming often, she also needs to spend time reading scripts. As time goes by, her eyes will inevitably feel uncomfortable. After reading it for a long time, her eyes are sour and swollen, which is very uncomfortable.

Coupled with the need for frequent makeup when facing the camera, tears sometimes flow from makeup. Therefore, Shi Ke still hoped to find a professional and trusted doctor to help solve vision problems and improve the quality of life.

People get "presbyopia" when they get old

"When a person is young, the natural lens of the human body has good elasticity, and can see objects at different distances. As the age increases, the elasticity of the lens gradually decreases, the muscle function of the eye gradually decreases, and the scope of lens adjustment becomes smaller, so you can't see objects nearby. This decline in the eye's own regulating power is a normal aging and degradation phenomenon, and presbyopia will appear with it.

Those celebrities are no exception. Many celebrities who come to EuroEyes for treatment are troubled by presbyopia. Shi Ke was introduced to EuroEyes under by a friend. The founder Dr. Jørgensen personally performed a TFL lens implantation (presbyopia surgery) for her.

After the operation Shi Ke said: "I feel very happy. The whole world has taken on a whole new look! All the colors in front of me have become brighter, especially purple, whether they look red or green, they are very beautiful, maybe It's been a long time, the natural crystals are cloudy, and the overall color of things has become dark. Now, my eyes seem to have restored my vision when I was young, and I can feel the colorful world! EuroEyes provides caring service and it may even be better an those high-end clinics I have been before! I didn't expect there is such good ophthalmologist clinic in China now! It is really great! They would also inform the patients of the detailed information of the operation, including the procedure, the hazards and the results. They would also review the patient's past medical history comprehensively and decide whether the patient is suitable for surgery.“

Now, she can stop worrying about her eyes in film and television and life.

Sina Taiwan introduced the operation technique of the company and that Dr. Jørgensen operated on his own son—Jannik. The German doctor successfully operated on Jannik, his own son, allowing him to take off his glasses forever. This German doctor is also the founder of EuroEyes and the operation he did for his son is called ICL – The Implantable Contact Lens.

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