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FAQ‘s from our patients: Covid-19

Is there an increased risk of Covid-19 after eye laser treatment? What should contact lens wearers pay particular attention to? PD Dr. med. Ralf-Christian Lerche, deputy medical director of the EuroEyes Clinical Group, answers the most frequently asked questions of our patients about Covid-19.

Is there an increased risk of Covid-19 after an eye laser treatment?

There is no increased risk of infection after laser eye surgery. It is important to continue to pay attention to your own hygiene and to wash your hands thoroughly.

Is it dangerous to undergo laser eye or lens surgery at the moment?

It is not dangerous per se to undergo an eye operation at the moment. However, when planning an operation, you should be careful not to have contracted influenza yourself and not to have returned from one of the risk areas in the past two weeks or to have had contact with an infected person. These facts apply not only to self-protection, but above all to the well-being of the general public. The main aim should be to prevent a possible further spread of the virus.

Can a viral disease like corona affect the outcome of treatment?

A direct influence on the healing process in the eye is not to be expected from the virus. There should therefore be no impairment of the result in the short and long term.

Are special measures necessary on the part of the patient with regard to corona?

The same protective and preventive measures apply to the corona virus as for normal viral flu. It is important to exercise a certain amount of caution and prudence in the immediate environment in order to minimise the risk of infection.

Does EuroEyes carry out certain measures to protect against a virus infection?

Our hygiene commission is observing the development very closely and is adapting the procedures in our clinics according to the current situation. As a standard, the current standard is hand hygiene with disinfectants, taking note of the hygiene tips as well as filling out a questionnaire on possible contact scenarios with virus patients. Supposedly high-risk patients are kept away from the consultation hours.

What do contact lens wearers have to pay particular attention to?

It has been shown that the transmission pathways of the n-COV can also affect the conjunctiva. It is therefore advisable to avoid contact lenses as far as possible during a virus outbreak. If this is not possible, there are a few things to consider.

Which is better - washing hands or using disinfectants?

Basically, both are sufficient, because washing hands not only removes dirt but also viruses. If you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands, hand disinfectant can be used for additional protection.

What should you pay particular attention to in an aircraft?

When travelling by plane or train, you should always take care to avoid too close contact with other people. With regard to hand disinfection and the coughing and sneezing label, please observe the hygiene tips.

Above all, it is important to avoid the route from hand to face or mouth as far as possible. Wash your hands very thoroughly before, during and after every trip or when returning from public places. This applies all the more when eating.

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