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EuroEyes successfully won the title of „world champion in the implantation of Zeiss trifocal lenses“ for the fifth time in a row

EuroEyes successfully won the title of „world champion in the implantation of Zeiss trifocal lenses“, issued by the Carl Zeiss Group. Dr. Jørgensen, founder and CEO of EuroEyes, attended the awards ceremony on March 9 in Hamburg.

At the award ceremony, Dr. Jørgensen said: “EuroEyes is always committed to innovative applications in the field of refractive technology, and is committed to helping each patient successfully remove the lens, return to a clear vision, and enjoy better visual quality and more high quality of life in the future. EuroEyes will continue to work hard to promote the continuous development of eye health in Europe and China.” Mr. Michael Architlik, vice president of Carl Zeiss Medical Technology Company of Germany, highly appreciates EuroEyes' significant technical contributions in the world of refractive surgery and hopes to further deepen its strategic cooperation with EuroEyes in the future.

The Carl Zeiss Group, founded in Germany, is a century-renowned company in the field of optoelectronics and optoelectronics. Its Carl Zeiss Medical Technology Company, founded in 2002, mainly produces and develops diagnostic instruments for ophthalmic patients, focusing on ophthalmic surgery and intraocular lenses.

Three-focus IOL: overall diameter 11mm, optics diameter 6mm

"Trifocal IOL" is the cutting-edge scientific research result of the Zeiss Group in the field of eye care in Germany. Traditional Mono-focal or Bio-focal lens cannot meet the needs of patients to see three distances: far, middle, and near. Simultaneously, Trifocal lenses fill this shortcoming. After the trifocal lens is implanted in the eye, it can improve the clarity of the object at far, near and middle distances, and solve the problems of presbyopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and cataract in one stop. After surgery, patients no longer need to wear any glasses, which can greatly improve the quality of life and return to a young vision state around 30 years old.

The "Tri-focal intraocular lens replacement surgery" only produced a tiny eye incision of 1.8mm, which avoided the damage to the cornea of ​​the eye to the greatest extent, and the average operation time was only 8-10 minutes. In addition, this surgery can simultaneously treat myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and cataract, which has extraordinary significance across the ages.

The "Zeiss Award" is the vision pioneer Carl Zeiss Group has issued for ophthalmic medical institutions to recognize the clinics that have promoted the implementation of Tri-focus intraocular lens replacement surgery worldwide. Only one ophthalmic institution in the world can receive this award every year.

Why did EuroEyes win the Zeiss Award for the 5th times?

Since the promulgation of the "ZEISS Award" in 2015, EuroEyes has won the award for five consecutive times. EuroEyes was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1993 and has 27 years of development history. It has operated in Germany, Denmark and China and is currently one of the largest ophthalmic groups in Europe. EuroEyes is the first institution in the industry to provide patients with ZEISS triple focus lens replacement surgery as a treatment for presbyopia. EuroEyes has performed more than 500,000 ophthalmic surgeries and more than 50,000 Zeiss trifocal intraocular lens replacements worldwide.

Dr. Jorgensen, CEO and founder of EuroEyes

The founder, Dr. Jørgensen, is a well-known vision correction expert and one of the most experienced experts in presbyopia surgery in the world. With more than 30 years of experience, he is a pioneer in cataract surgery and refractive correction surgery in Germany, Denmark and China. In total, more than 100,000 ophthalmic surgeries have been completed with amazing results.

Behind this proud achievement of achieving the "Zeiss Award" five consecutive championships and leading the industry, it is EuroEyes's dedication to the goal of "making your life no longer need glasses" for many years.

In terms of technology, EuroEyes has never stopped the exploration of high-precision sharp ophthalmic technology. From laser surgery to crystal surgery, from ordinary laser surgery to full femtosecond laser surgery. In order to meet the eye health needs of different groups of people, EuroEyes constantly uses advanced and superior technology and equipment to focus on developing new surgical methods.

Experienced surgeons perform all of EuroEyes’ surgeries. Each doctor successfully completes thousands of operations independently each year. Senior doctors are members of the German Association of Ophthalmologists and German Society of Ophthalmologists. Due to its excellent medical skills, EuroEyes's doctor team has been rated as "Best Ophthalmologist in Germany" for 3 consecutive years.

Preoperative examination

In terms of services, the doctors of EuroEyes strictly follow the principle of personalized service when formulating the surgical plan, and adhere to the tailored vision optimization plan. The entire service process covers consultation, preoperative inspection, vision correction treatment, and postoperative follow-up. In addition, all of EuroEyes’ European institutions strictly follow ISO9001: 2015 surgical quality and standards.

This time, EuroEyes was able to win the “ZEISS Award” without any doubt, which fully proves that EuroEyes’ global leading position in the industry has been highly recognized in the industry.

The market potential of the ophthalmology industry and the development vision of EuroEyes

According to the research report of the American consulting company, driven by the aging population, the number of presbyopia in China has been increasing in recent years: the total number of presbyopia over 45 years old in 2018 is 391 million, and it is expected to reach 461 million in 2023. There is immeasurable potential in the Chinese ophthalmic medical market with presbyopia surgery at its core, and EuroEyes realized this very early. In 2013, EuroEyes opened the first ophthalmology clinic in China in Shanghai. Currently, it has opened 6 clinics in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places, and it is about to complete the opening of Chongqing and Fuzhou clinics within this year. The service scope is further radiated to the southwest and southeast regions. All clinics are equipped with the most advanced German equipment, using European unified professional service standards, and all surgeons are from a team of European doctors.

EuroEyes China Clinic

In October 2019, EuroEyes was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong, and brought strong technology and high-quality reputation to the capital market. Regarding the development vision in China, Dr. Jørgensen sincerely said: “EuroEyes hopes to bring the essence of German medical technology, management processes, quality standards, medical teams, one-stop service into the Chinese market to meet more pursuit of quality of life The needs of Chinese patients with a perfect experience.”

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