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EuroEye's doctor reports from Beijing: "Though the virus spreads fast, love spreads faster.”

EuroEyes doctor Dr. Emily He reports from Beijing about her colleagues in Wuhan and how Chinese people all over the world collected medical equipment for people in need.

I never thought the story would start this way. On December 31, 2019, I received a Wechat screenshot from my university alumni. Dr. Li Wenliang, one of my alumni who work in a hospital in Wuhan, said that their hospital had received pneumonia patients suspected of SARS virus infection. He alerted us to be careful.

Life was going on until the week before the Spring Festival. I was planning to take my mother abroad, or go back to my hometown in Hubei province for the national holiday.

However, the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan changed my mind. It was the end of January, my college alumni began to talk about the virus frequently in the Wechat group. Many of them worked in major hospitals in Wuhan as the cornerstones of the clinic teams.

Worried about alumni, teachers and friends

According to their description, I could feel that the new-found virus was causing an epidemic: firstly, it is highly infectious; secondly, the fatality rate is quite high; thirdly, hospitals in Wuhan are short of clinical personnel and protective equipments.

I made up my mind to cancel my trips and stay in Beijing. It was proved to be right decision later. I was only one step away from the disaster.

At that time, I was almost living in my mobile phone. The rising numbers of infective cased and deaths worried me. As a doctor, my professional characters to be "rational and restraint" had been completely put aside. I was worried about my alumni, teachers and friends. They are my fellow citizens.

I participated in some donation and fund-raising programs initiated by Chinese immigrants overseas, to collect medical equipments against the epidemic in Wuhan. Chinese all around the world were fund-raising the medical supplies for Wuhan. They almost shopped up the whole world. Volunteers across borders helped deal with the customs and deliveries to make sure supplies to arrive in Wuhan in the shortest time. Many volunteers haven’t any medical background, but studied themselves to be familiar with all the models and features of the supplies, even better than me.

Though the virus spreads fast, love spreads faster

Compared with ordinary people in Wuhan, I only suffered some minor inconvenience in Beijing. Because of shortage of face masks nationwide, I worried about little stock of the masks at home. But, when I was almost out of stock, fortunately, Mr. J, one of my patients, offered to his help and handed me some N95 face masks and the protective glasses. I sincerely thank him for his kindness. Many friends have also sent me care and help. Though the virus spreads fast, love spreads faster.

Life still goes on. With the development of the epidemic, Beijing strictly managed all residential areas. Everyone stayed at home. But people quickly adapted to the new lifestyle. More and more people began to show their cooking skills at Wechat Moment. My gym, Gravity Capsule Gym, also launched an small online course to guide members to keep exercising during the epidemic, spreading positive energy.

When our clinic was not in operation, our doctor team at EuroEyes responded to the call of the headquarters and began to write educational stories related to COVID-19 and posted on social media. At the same time, we launched the online consultation for patients with questions. Life changed a lot at the epidemic, but it moves forward smoothly in a new way.

As the old saying goes, there is only one kind of heroism in the world: you still love life after recognizing the truth of it. In a sense, in our war against the coronavirus, I saw hundreds of millions of heroes who contributed as much as they could. Average stayed home, but still tried to maintain the normal life. They were showing the beauty of human nature against the virus.

I come from Wuhan. Though I was not able to join the war against the virus in person, I hope to write down my story for the next generation. Our children need memorize the history we have experienced, and remember the "gains" and "losses" of human beings in the war against coronavirus.

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