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“Although many people are stuck in winter, spring always comes afterwards.” From Jey Ni in Shanghai

EuroEyes employee Jey Ni reports about his time during the Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai.

Which festival is it that Chinese people look forward to most after working hard for a year? It's the Spring Festival! This is the most important festival for the Chinese people - the reunion of relatives and friends. However, the Spring Festival in 2020 was destined to go down in history.

I heard that a new virus was discovered in Wuhan in December. At that time, the news seemed to flash by and I didn't pay much attention to it. It was just a little bit in the light of the occupational diseases of medical practitioners.

But things suddenly took a sharp turn for the worse on January 20th. There were constant news of many febrile patients in Wuhan.

An atmosphere of panic

On January 22nd, I went to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I was wearing a mask. On the day of tooth extraction, more than half of the people in the hospital were already wearing masks. The atmosphere of panic was spreading.

The 24th of January is New Year’s Eve in China. I should have gathered with my parents and relatives for dinner. However, in view of the fact that Wuhan began to close the city on the 23rd, at my strong suggestion, the whole family decided to cancel the New Year’s Eve dinner. After all, I am a medical practitioner, so I could speak with authority. This was also the first time that I had to watch the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV because I couldn’t go out.

Masks were a key point

Since the 25th, my mobile phone has been receiving all kinds of tweets and messages. The number of confirmed cases in Wuhan were soaring and the number of confirmed cases were also soaring in different places now. The feeling of fear was escalating.

Influencers on social media began to popularize epidemic prevention knowledge for everyone and explained what the novel coronavirus was. I suddenly realized that masks were a key point for me, because if the virus could really be transmitted through aerosols, the consequences would be unimaginable without mask protection.

I wanted to buy masks on Taobao right away. It found out that the price of N95, which originally cost only 5 yuan, has risen to 15 yuan. I didn't expect it to be 65 yuan each later, and the purchase was limited. I clenched my teeth and bought some. I also found out that alcohol has been out of stock, 84 disinfectant was also out of stock. I wondered, if the supplies are not available, is there going to be inflation soon?

For shopping we couldn’t go out, because the first case of infection was at a vegetable market. As a result, my family's daily diet was only bought online.

My family and I had planned to travel to Japan on February 6th. We thought about it a long time but we knew that we had the cancel our trip to stay save. As a result, during the long Spring Festival holiday, we stayed at home every day. Every day, there were so much more confirmed cases. Behind the numbers are families who are suffering. There is a saying that is particularly good: a grain of dust of the times falls on an individual's head and becomes a mountain.

The virus is now spreading all over the world

The epidemic situation of novel coronavirus has a serious impact on the ophthalmology industry.

About a month later, the epidemic in China miraculously reached an inflection point, and daily infections and deaths were greatly reduced.

I've been waiting for the epidemic to end so I can restart my family travel plan. Although the epidemic situation in China is improving, the epidemic situation abroad is becoming more and more serious. In Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, the virus is spreading and fear is replicating. Our German headquarters in Hamburg, where EuroEyes Ophthalmology is located, has begun to fight the epidemic.

No one thought that 2020 would start in this way. But life goes on, and we can't always immerse ourselves in sadness. Although many people are stuck in winter, spring always comes afterwards.

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